365 Days Of Happiness: July

Friday, 4 August 2017

Did anyone else blink and July was just...gone?
Not that I'm complaining, it means August has come quick and that means it's time for my vacation!
Hawaii (and lots of travel blogs) here I come.

My training this month has gone really well and I'm feeling better than ever. My coach has updated our training again, which has meant that we've had some awesome workouts. You never know what you're gonna get with CrossFit, so it makes every morning different.

Our family has been looking after some dogs for friends and relatives this month too. We have loved having furry faces around the house and jumping all over us when we got home. It definitely reassures me that we are going to need a pooch in our lives again very soon. 

It's still fun looking back through all of my memories from the month, and even though there were some days where it was hard to find something happy, this project still makes me think of the positives at the end of the day.
Enough rambling, here's what happened in July!

1. Got a fresh hair cut today and it's made me feel like a new woman. 

2. Had a nice lunch catch-up with some close friends. Lots of carbs and chatting!

3. Work was very pleasant today (always a victory.) Then I spent the rest of the day blogging and cooking yummy food. 

4. Made the best smoothie with mango and strawberries. 

5. Enjoying our last few days dog-sitting Lilly and Rosie.

6. CrossFit went well this morning with my snatch lifts actually clicking for once. Was nice not struggling for once. 

7. It was hamburger day at the cafe, so I got to make them all! Best part of the job.

8. Pizza party Saturday Night & went to see Spider-Man: Homecoming & loved it!

9. Got to spend some time blogging today, then made bangers and mash for dinner (both vegetarian and normal)

10. There's nothing like lifting heavy in the morning with awesome people. 

11. We did snatch balance lifts this morning, which were awesome for my over-head strength. 

12. After struggling for months to be able to kick into a handstand, I finally conquered my fears and did it! I also smashed the workout and my coach was so proud he gave me a hug. 

13. Finally back at one of my favorite coffee shops for lunch. I finally got to try their rice paper rolls, and their peanut sauce is insane!

14. Came home from work to house-sit for our friends. We are renting her home in October, so it's great to experience it properly!

15. Dinner with the CrossFit fam at a steak-house. Not so great for vegetarian me, but they had an all you can eat salad bar! And deep-fried banana balls in cinnamon sugar :p

16. Was soooo nice waking up with the house to ourselves. It's our last day house-sitting and we don't want to leave! Must be a good sign. 

17. Had a nice/easy day at work then went off to CF for double DT! It's a famous workout made legendary by the CrossFit Games. I felt really strong today, so I'm happy with my progress. 

18. 10kg PR on my clean & jerk lift today! About time too. 

19. Not feeling well today, so it's a rest day for me. I went and did a nice little food shop, which is officially one of my favorite things to do. 

20. Yummy lunch with Mum then I went bargain hunting at a charity shop. I got so much stuff that we need for $11!

21. Today's workout was a 10km row in pairs. Me and Mel did awesome! Kept a great pace the whole time and we even got to watch Fittest on Earth on Netflix while we rowed. Best motivation ever!

22. Finally got my Saturday sleep-in, tried the new menu at Uncommon Cafe, and saw Dunkirk!

23. Made croissants for breakfast and did a marathon of Friends (season one.) I made my first ever bacon and egg pie for Steve! Such a kiwi classic. 

24. Steve's been teaching me how to play the card game Crib. I'm really getting into it now :)

25. Had the afternoon free, so I went into super-productive mode! I cleared junk from my wardrobe, glory-box, & shelves, then packed up all the kitchen things I've been collecting, and I even started packing for our holiday next week. Feels good to get my to-do list checked off. 

26. Did a crazy "death by burpee" ladder workout today (with back squats, shoulder press, and deadlifts in between) and somehow wound up being the last one standing! I also got a text saying I got paid a tax refund of $800. It couldn't be better timing for our holiday!

27.  Cheeky McDonald's run with Steve to end a good day. I tried their lamington shake and it was amazing!

28. Feeling incredibly tired today. but I was fortunate enough to get the night off work. I cooked some easy fajitas and chilled with Steve.

29. Made some epic nachos for me and Steve on this Saturday night. Mine is never complete unless I have a mountain of sour cream on top!

30. Protein pancakes for breakfast then we were off on a shopping adventure to find some trail running shoes (mission: successful) Later in the night we went out for a friend's birthday dinner and ate our body weight in Italian food. So full, but it was so worth it. I had the most epic food coma!

31. Feeling confident in myself. Was a domestic goddess and made a yummy dinner for us, then did my best at CrossFit to work hard on my snatch lifts. Practice makes perfect!

July was great, but I know August is going to be even better!
Tell me something happy from your day today.
Steph x.

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