Recovery In A Can: FitAid Review

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

I'm not usually one for sports drinks, seeing as they usually have a high sugar content and full of other bad stuff. But in the world of CrossFit, it's all about balancing hard work with a healthy lifestyle and there are lots of products around to support that. FitAid is one of the most well-known brands and I've been dying to try it for quite some time now. Thankfully my awesome coach decided to stock a mini-fridge at our box for us, so why not tell you guys what I think! 
(I mean, for my coach to stock these drinks at our gym and encourage us to grab a can after class, they must be good for us.)

The idea behind FitAid is all about recovery; it's similar to drinking BCAAs (amino) after a workout. They have created blends for whatever your body needs: immunity, focus, performance and they've even brought out fuel protein pouches. The best part is, you just feel like you're drinking something fizzy!


This citrus flavored drink is super-refreshing after a sweaty workout, or a tough strength session. It usually gets to Friday when I grab one of these for myself. My body is feeling the week of training hard and I know that it need something extra to help it heal. I love that it's a natural drink, filled with lots of vitamins and supplements you would normally reach for (glutamine, electrolytes, turmeric.) On the days that I have a can of FitAid, my body definitely feels the difference. 

Life Aid: Thrive

This can is PACKED with nutrients to aid in recovery. Magnesium, turmeric, rosemary, Vitamin C, ginger, and even cayenne pepper to give it an extra spice kick. On the day that I reached for this one I was very run down and had caught a bug from my Mum. I was craving a Sprite (as you do when you're sick) but I opened one of these instead, knowing it would do me some good. And I was totally right! Talk about blasting your system. I could definitely feel myself recovering and loved it from the very first sip. It's probably not for everyone, but if you love your spices then you need this in your life.

This post isn't sponsored by FitAid, I'm just very satisfied with their products!
If you ever come across this brand I highly recommend you treat yourself to a can of goodness. It goes perfectly with an active lifestyle and can give you a much needed pick-me-up.

What products help you recover from a sore body?
Steph x.

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