Animal Instagram Accounts I Adore!

Friday, 7 July 2017

I have to admit that when I fell back in love with Instagram, finding the right accounts to follow was what made all the difference. Most of the time it's food pictures from cafes around the world, or my favorite athletes in lifting videos. But then I dove into the magical genre of pet accounts and discovered a whole new way to enjoy the app. 

You all know what a massive animal lover I am, and I honestly find scrolling through these accounts so relaxing. They just make me happy! And yes, when I get my first dog they will have their own Instagram to show off their cuteness. 

Winnie, Finn and Teddy are the most adorable little Wiener family. Whenever I see their Mom post an Instagram story I have to check it out immediately because I know it's going to be good. They get up to lots of mischief and know how to rock bow ties. I can't resist their little faces!

Have you ever seen a prettier cat in your life? I grew up with a Persian/Chinchilla, so these kinds of cats always make my heart melt. And just look at those eyes! She could get away with anything. 

There are a few dog breeds that I am obsessed with, and French Bull-Dogs are most definitely one of them. This little guy is from Japan and his parents celebrate him with gorgeous photography. Theo seems to be the sweetest pup and they even dress him in the cutest hats! Love seeing his little face on my timeline. 

My heart definitely lies with the Spaniel breed, with their long curly ears and kissable noses. Otto is definitely one of the most beautiful dogs on Instagram, and his family are doing his justice with their photos. The quality has increases so much over the past month and it's seriously make me wish I had a pup to take pictures of!


These gentle giants will just warm your heart every time they pop up on your feed. Ralphie and Boss help take care of their three human brothers, and basically just make everyone happy. There's such a fun/family vibe to this account and it's really sweet. I just want to cuddle both of them!


In case you were wondering, my first dog is hopefully going to be a beautiful golden cocker spaniel, just like Maple here. Of course when I decided on this breed I had to immediately follow any accounts on Insta. This one has probably turned out to be my favorite of all of them. I can't handle how beautiful these photos are!

Let me know if you have any favorite animal accounts and I'll happily check them out!
Steph x.


  1. if there ever was a perfect post this would be it haha *heart eyes*. Too bloody cute!! xx

    1. Best compliment to give a blogger!! I couldn't resist sharing some of these :)
      Steph x.

  2. Omg these are all so cute! You just can't beat a good feed full of cute animals haha. The first ones especially are killing me!