365 Days Of Happy: August

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Happy September, Everyone!

Another month has flown by us and I'm back with another installment of my happiness project. It's gonna be a good one this time, since I get to share my Hawaiian adventure with you! 

I learning through this project that you're gonna have highs and lows every single month. For me, the start of August was amazing and then the second half got a bit crappy. Mainly because I got sick, but you've gotta take the good with the bad, right? 

I'm actually really excited to start this new month. I'm the most inspired I've been for putting out content in months and it feels so good to be writing again. I've also been putting a lot more effort into my Instagram lately. I love using it as another creative outlet, and even posting stories! Check out out and let me know what you think. 

Enough rambling, here's what made me happy through August: 

1. Finally got to pack for Hawaii! Me and Steve have been binging some Hotel Hell episodes, it's pretty good! 

2. Work took so long, but we finally got on the plane to paradise!

3. Started our first full day in Hawaii by watching some CrossFit Games action, then a run by Diamond Head and the beautiful beach. Coffee at our favorite place, Kona, then a fun beach swim. We also visited the famous Leonard's bakery! 

4. We drove up to North Shore today. I ate the most amazing purple hummus and tried Aloha Lemonade. There was also night-time fun of burgers and shoe shopping! 

5. We checked out the Saturday market this morning, then had lunch at The Pig and The Lady (totally amazing!) We couldn't resist hitting the beach again for an afternoon swim. 

6. Spartan Race Day! It was very tough both mentally and physically, but we did it! So proud of Steve and I for doing so awesome. We celebrated with a relaxing spa to help our sore legs. 

7. Had a nice, chill day. The best part was going out on a catamaran cruise around the harbor. 

8. Spent the day at Pearl harbor, which the boys loved. The most fun came in the afternoon when we had family fun by the apartment pool. Feeling super-happy. 

9. Explored my new favorite part of the island today! Started with a workout at CrossFit Kailua, which I have been stalking on Instagram for ages. Then we all headed to the beach for a fun day of paddle boarding! I was super-proud of myself for standing up for so long.

10. We did some major shopping damage today! There's an amazing outlet centre (Waikele) and we all treated ourselves to some bargains. I think between us we bought 15 pairs of shoes...

11. Finished off our holiday with good food, cocktails, and spending some time in the spa.

12/13. Traveling over the timezone on our way home :( But we had great flights and I got to watch the new Power Rangers movie, which took me right back to my childhood.

14. Had a quiet day with Steve; casual lunch date at Subway (I was craving it) then a nice food shop.

15. Spent the day blogging and getting lots of life stuff sorted. Feels good!

16. Came home from my first day back at work to Mum cooking me a tuna steak. So good!

17. Met up with Mum for lunch then did a little home-ware shopping together!

18. Came home after a long day at work to chill with wine and pizza.

19. Got out for some fresh air with a hill-run, then went back to our favorite cafe for some refueling. I forgot how amazing their coffee is!

20. Made a big brunch for me and Steve to enjoy while we are house-sitting in our future home. The buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes were amazing! Then we just got to chill all day in our own space for once. Bliss!

21. Nothing better than eating a big bowl of pasta and watching Friends with my favorite person.

22. Had an afternoon of blogging and packing/organizing my room. It's great to have some productive time.

23. My cold got so much worse after this morning's burpee workout, but Steve cheered me up by taking care of me and bringing his sister's dog over.

24. Bad day saved by Mum today. Me and Steve started getting addicted to watching Love Island...

25. Chocolate ice cream and apple strudel for dessert kinda-evening.

26. While Mum was getting her haircut, I went into the charity shops nearby and found some awesome stuff!

27. Sunday chocolate chip pancakes in bed :)

28. I finally got a Monday off (hooray for a full weekend!) so I made the most of it by going for a run with Mum and catching up on chores.

29. Finally back at CrossFit after having time off for being sick. Felt awesome doing zercher squats!

30. There was so much negative energy at work today that I decided to go out and buy some home stuff that we need for our move. A little retail therapy goes a long way sometimes.

31. My CrossFit gym is finally stocking LifeAid in the fridge! It's my favorite flavor of the brand. It's made my body feel better already.

Tell me in the comments what made you happy this August, or what you're looking forward to in September!
Steph x.

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