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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Happy Friday, lovely people! 

Friday is always the toughest day to get out of bed, but I'm up and ready to take on my last crossfit class of the week. I've taken some pre-workout to help me wake up a bit (it's very much needed this morning!) I'm still on the NutriGrain bars, I usually eat half now, half later.

Another great session at Crossfit this morning! We did a nine minute round of jumping squats and double unders (which I've still not mastered, so it was single skipping for me.) It went so quickly and all of us had dead calves afterwards. Totally worth it.

Then we moved on to strength, which meant four sets of deadlifts for me. I made it heavier each round and ended up getting four reps 85kg on my last set, which is PR! The boys kept saying "But why aren't your struggling? You make it look easy." Maybe I should have put more on. Either way I'm taking it as a complement! 

Time to get some breakfast going and this morning I'm making my favorite proats with banana and blueberries. Check out this adorable bottle of almond milk! My Mum found it for me and thought I would like it. She's the best. 

I woke up feeling like I might be getting a cold and since we have an overload of oranges, I thought I would make fresh juice! It didn't take long at all and I strained the pulp easily enough. Taste better than anything out of a bottle, and with no added sugar either. 

Time to work on a new blog post and it's a recipe one too. I'm excited because it involves peanut butter a.k.a the glue that holds my life together. It should be up by the time you read this, so go check it out! Also, does anyone else have trouble taking food photos with pets around? Buddy always seems to find me.

Today's pre-run snack is a Petit Miam yogurt, which I used to eat all the time as a kid and it's quite possibly the best yogurt in the world. I thought it would be great as an extra protein source (4.2g) and I could use more calcium too. So happy these are back in my life!

There's a little bit of rain and wind today, but that won't stop us. It's days like this that champions train, right?

Lunch time! We came to our favorite cafe to try some of the new things on their lunch menu. We all went for the halloumi sandwich with mushrooms and wilted greens. It was delicious and I need to know what they put in their sauces!

It feels so good to have my hair washed. I'm still in love with the blonde.

I've been getting work done on that recipe post, desperately trying to get it published before I go off to work (why do I always leave posts to the last minute?) I was in need of a coffee refill and some protein. I've gone back to having English muffins with the Bean Supreme vegetarian & gluten-free sausages. So good and so filling.

Got some more road code studying done! It was so beautiful and warm coming out of work tonight, summer is definitely on the way. Makes me want to get the barbecue out for dinner!

This cheeky one was hanging out again tonight! We call him Socks (because of his white paws) but we have no idea who he belongs to or where he lives. He just wanders where he wants, and terrorizes a few dogs for fun. I finally got him to come over for cuddles a few weeks back, so now he's super-friendly whenever he sees me. So cheeky!

I can finally eat dinner after petting the neighborhood cat for half an hour (totally worth it!) It's the last of my meal prep for the week. I must admit I'm going to miss my quorn and sweet potato mash. Going to have to make it again soon. It's a Netflix night-in for me, so a usual Friday then. I know based on my Twitter feed that everyone else is watching the Gilmore Girls revival, but I was really in the mood for Teen Wolf. I've got the whole weekend to have a Netflix catch-up!

You know what time it is! I swear Terry's Chocolate Oranges are my kryptonite every November-December. I only started eating them after watching Christmas videos with Zoella and Louise Pentland. They have given me a new appreciation for the festive season.

Time for a healthy dessert. All I did was cut a mango and add about half a cup of yogurt and blended them together. Add some strawberries and chia seeds, yum! The mango was nice an sour, just the way I like it.

Not a bad way to end a great week. I'm trying to make these daily blogs as interesting as I can for you guys. Hopefully I can start taking better shots of my workouts. They usually move so quickly that I don't have time, but I shall try!

Not long now until Blogmas! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin so you don't miss any of the fun. I'll be posting everyday in December.
Steph x.

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