Daily Blog: Early Morning Workout & Netflix Obsession!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Good morning, everyone!

I got up before 6am (I know, I'm shocked too) so that I could make it to the 6.30am crossfit class. The brilliant part about the gym is that you have to book in for a class on an app, and they will know if you cancel. Plus I don't have to put together any workouts, they're all done for me. It's great motivation to get your butt moving that day!

Workout done and dusted. Not gonna lie, it was a tough one today. We always do some kind of game as a warmup, then move onto our intense rounds which always combine strength and cardio, then a slower strength session. It usually takes about an hour, a little more if you include stretching which I needed today.

I was really happy because the coach taught me how to do power cleans (weight-lifting move.) I was the newbie of the group and everyone else had been doing crossfit for a while, but I tried to just use that as inspiration to work hard and get my form right. Being intimidated and hard on myself won't get me anywhere. I found the perfect quote on Pinterest to sum this up:

"I will not be discouraged by how far I have to go. Instead, I will be excited about where I'm headed!"

Home to the love of my life: FOOD. I'm pretty sore and tired now, so I need to get some protein into me. Just having oats, banana, golden kiwi and blueberries. Classic.

Just spending some time commenting on blogs and editing posts, both of which require my comfiest hoodie!

Since I'm completely changing around my workout schedule, I thought it would be helpful to write out a plan on my whiteboard. It just means that I'll be spending a little less time at the gym and will be doing double workouts on some days. I just need to find a plan that suites me best at the moment. I know I seem crazy for scheduling so much in a week, but I am in training for a race next year and it keeps my brain sharp. Plus it means I get to eat more!

Look what arrived! It's my birthday dress that I ordered last week. I'm so excited to try it on, but I can't show you guys just yet. I'm planning on doing a 25th birthday blog post (it's still a month away) so you'll have to wait until then. 

It's about 10am now and I'm getting kinda hungry again, so I'm making a pre-run snack of scrambled eggs (2 + soy milk) on mulitigrain bread and chili flakes on top. I couldn't resist making myself another coffee either!

Time for a run! The sun is shining and I'm looking forward to getting some fresh air.

Home for a protein smoothie and a foam roll on my tight shoulders. They need some pummeling after the jumping pull-ups I did today and yesterday in class. I love having chocolate protein for my smoothies!

Speaking of, I have my first crossfit battle scar! I think it was from the 30kg ball I had to pick up and throw over my shoulders. They claimed it the "dead ball" which is as fun as the name. I think the coach is going to be proud of me!

All showered and clean again. I just did some eye makeup today, I'm still avoiding foundations and all my BB creams are too light for me now. It will be good for my skin to breathe for the day anyway. It's been clearing up nicely since ditching dairy and not wearing heavy makeup. Just in time for summer.

When your bed is too inviting and comfy that you can't help but eat lunch and blog from there.

Time to shoot some new blog pics! All I need is natural light and a piece of white cardboard.

I had a big craving for a grilled cheese sandwich, so I made one using an English muffin. I added some Vegemite as well and it really hit the spot. Off to work now.

Home for dinner! No, it's not just another plate of vegetables, there's about 1/2 a cup of quinoa under there somewhere. It's just the bowl I need with black beans and sweet potato for protein and healthy carbs.

These past couple of days, I have been absolutely obsessed with Jane the Virgin on Netflix. I always had a feeling that it would be a series that I would love and I was right! It's funny, full of great characters, and so many OMG moments. It's so much more than I thought. Thank goodness for Netflix so I can just keep watching it until it's way past the time I should be asleep. So worth it!

I hope you guys are excited for the next phase in my fitness journey, I'll be sure to bring you along.
Any recommendations for what I should be watching on Netflix next?

Steph x.

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  1. I love Jane the Virgin too! :) Such a good program.