Daily Blog: Beautiful Brunch & New York Pizza!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Happy Saturday! So happy that it's the weekend.

I still had to set my alarm for 7am this morning, mainly so that I could eat breakfast in bed and watch a little YouTube before heading off to my 9am Crossfit class. I'm just having some Sultana Bran Buds with banana, strawberries and soy milk. Sometimes it's nice to have something that's quick to make!

Off to my class now! I can't take any photos because Saturday mornings are pretty busy and I don't want to breach anyone's privacy. But this class is fun because it's a big group of us young ones pairing up and everyone jokes with each other (except for me, I'm still the socially awkward newbie.)

-90 minutes later-

Crossfit class was okay today, but not as satisfying as usual. Our workout was based on a deck of cards and four exercises depending on what card was pulled (hearts, aces, spades, or diamonds.) And the number on the card was how many reps and we had to do a whole deck, so 52 sets. It sounds tough, but I wasn't paired with the right partner and I found our levels to be quite different. I found myself waiting around a lot and pausing when I didn't need to. Obviously you have to work together, and I wasn't going to push her beyond her limit. But the coach could tell I was bored and said he would pair me with someone more advanced next time. I like to leave crossfit feeling like I really pushed my physical ability and I just didn't get that today. It may have had to do with the workout too because another girl I talked to didn't find it challenging enough either. Maybe next time will be better!

Home for a quick protein snack to renew my energy levels (than goodness for these bars!) and I'm off for a run with Mum. This should help me feel more satisfied with my  It's a gloomy day with a little rain, but that won't stop us. 

We did well again today! Our hill running is definitely improving. Although both of us were a little sore coming down. The back of my quad was pulling and I did something to an abdominal muscle in class this morning. Nothing a little rest and heat cream can't fix in a jiffy!

And now the best part of the day, post-run brunch! This is our new favorite spot to come to, especially because they serve good coffee and the peanut butter protein balls from my gym's cafe (they're the best in the world, I could live off of them.)

Bless my Dad for ordering the pancakes, because look how beautiful they are! It looks like what Tinkerbell would eat for breakfast. The presentation at this place is on point. He also waited patiently to eat it so that I could take blog pictures. Thanks Dad!

I went for the mushroom medley, what tasted as good as it looks. Crispy potatoes and smoked mushrooms with a heavenly balsamic sauce, YUM!

I had a nice long shower to relax some of my sore muscles and put on my favorite tartan shirt for the day. I also had to straighten my hair because it was turning into Hermione Granger's from the Philospher's Stone. It's still in that damaged stage, so I need to do a few more hair treatments to get it healthy again.

There's only one thing I need to help me get motivated to write and that's coffee!

I decided to stew up a couple of apples so that I can have it as a porridge topper. This so easy to do, plus it's still healthy. Just chop into chunks and put into a saucepan over a medium heat with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Once it has melted, add a generous sprinkle of cinnamon and a little grated/crushed ginger if you feel like it.

Cook until the apple pieces have softened. I just set mine aside in a container then got my porridge going. I used the same pan to get the cinnamon flavor that was left over.

Top with your stewed apples, a sprinkle of coconut sugar (the best!) and a little coconut. It's the perfect afternoon comfort bowl.

Work tonight was one of those shifts where my patience was being tested, which was basically the theme for my entire day, but thank goodness I came home to pizza! My Dad found a new place that makes them New York style, so of course we had to try it for dinner. The photo doesn't do the size of this pizza justice!

And this also means it's time for my cheat meal! I got two slices of the veggie pizza (which are bigger than my head.) I'm also having one or two garlic knots, plus a small bowl of fries. Do I know how to have a cheat meal or what!?

Following all that food, I'm in the mood for a bit of comedy on my Saturday night-in. My Dad shares my love of TBBT, so he got us season nine to watch. I love putting this series on while I scroll Pinterest and Twitter. It just relaxes me.

Finishing off my night with a little bit of fruit. Mango is one of my favorites and since they're finally coming into season I'm going to be eating as much as I can!

I hope you enjoyed this day in the life! All in all it was a great Saturday, and how it not be when pizza is involved. I also hope you guys like how I'm editing my photos lately, I really love some new filters I've found on the ColorStory app.

What did you get up this Saturday?
Steph x.


  1. I always get major food envy when I visit your blog! x


    1. Haha sorry! I guess my obsession with food comes across : )
      Steph x.

  2. Sounds like such a good productive day! :)


    1. It was : ) I quite enjoy being busy on Saturdays x.