Daily Blog: Another Injury & Food Haul!

Friday, 18 November 2016

Good Morning, Everyone!

I was up at 6am again today for crossfit. I had my regular crew with me, including two adorable Jack Russells who gave me cuddles before we started. I needed them because about five minutes later I went for my first box jump in a set and completely konked it! I tore my some skin off my skins and everyone stopped to make sure I was okay. My coach got me jumping again to help me mentally, so I wouldn't be scared to do it again (you know, always get back on the horse after you fall.) There was a bit of blood when I looked down after our warmup, but nothing major. You have to be tough in crossfit and I think everyone hits the boxes at some point. 

I got taught how to do clean + jerks today, which is a weight-lifting move. My coach showed me the technique of splitting your feet as you jerk the bar up and I did well! He was really impressed and said I was doing it perfectly. Not bad for a beginner! Can't wait until I can get more weight on there. 

A quick trip to the petrol station. Well, I say quick but it took me twice as long as usual because of morning rush hour traffic. I was cheeky and picked up one of these protein drinks. The macros are terrible, but I won't drink it all. 

Time to clean these wounds of mine, don't worry I'm not going to share any gross pictures of it. It's pretty gnarly!

I've had a shower, which feels great on a rainy day. Now I'm desperate for food and coffee! I'm starting to use this soy protein milk in my porridge (because every bit counts!)  Plus it has a five star heath rating, which is one of the things I look for most in food products. 

I've spent part of my morning taking care of a few things, including booking in for my full license theory test. I should have done this years ago, but being scared to do something is no excuse to not do it. So I'm all in for a few weeks time, I've just got to study up on my road rules to make sure I do everything correctly. I can't tell you how much weight will be off my shoulders when I get this done. 

I also made some book purchases! I can justify them to, because they will be going towards a fun blog post that will be going up soon. Book Depository is my favorite shop ever!

Time for some lunch! I've been looking forward to this bagel all morning. The mall is so busy today since it's raining, but it's nice to be out and about.

Just getting our tickets for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them on Saturday! I've heard good things so far and I couldn't be more excited.

Just popped into the book store and look who I found! I've been dying to get my hands on Niomi's book for a while now. Maybe I need to hint at it for a Christmas present? 

Time for a food haul! I love seeing what other people buy for some reason, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I picked up for the coming week:

I love the Bean Supreme brand of vegetarian options, they're never dry and taste amazing. We grabbed this packet for an easy dinner one night.

I found a recipe for chili and lime peanuts that I'm gonna make for a snack. I usually buy packets of these, but it will be so much better if I make them myself. I also got me some bagels for a protein and energy hit. I saw someone on Instagram talking about eating enough when you're training and I thought these would be good for a snack before I got to work in the afternoons.

How good do these bars sound? Oats and coconut are two of my favorite ingredients, so I couldn't resist trying these. I'm always on the lookout for snack bars, you never know when you need one!

I needed another cereal to have on mornings that I don't feel like porridge and this Special K one sounds really good. I also picked up some coconut butter after seeing one of my favorite fit-girls talk about it. Might be handy for those days when I feel like toast and need a healthy alternative to butter.

And now for some cheeky treats! Ever since November started, I've been looking out for these Malteser Reindeers because they are one of my favorite things about Christmas! I finally got my hands on some, although now I have to fight my brother for them.
I had been craving some kind of salt and vinegar snack all week. I was going to get my favorite rice cakes, but they were all sold out. These crackers should do the treat though. And snack packs are great for portion control!

While I was at the bookshop today, I got the latest version of the NZ Road Code. I'm a confident driver, and have been for nearly a decade, but they've changed some rules in recent years. I want to have peace of mind going into my test that I know my stuff, so I'm going to spend the next few weeks brushing up on everything. Plus it tells you what's actually going to be in the test! Just having an afternoon snack of an English muffin with coconut butter and Vegemite on top.

Road code revision in the car before work!

Very easy dinner tonight: meal prep (brown rice, quinoa, vegetables, quorn) and two small eggs boiled. Simple but delicious as always.

Yes, I'm a cereal at night kind of person. I was still a little hungry, so I made myself a bowl of Special K with a few strawberries and it really hit the spot! It feels so good to be tucked up in bed right now. It's raining heavily outside and my legs are aching from today (being on my feet with my ripped shins has made my calves swell up.) Nice and cozy night with my favorite dog.

Do you guys have any favorite healthy snacks I can try next?
Steph x.

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