The Perks Of Being A Morning Person

Thursday, 12 April 2018

While most mornings it's a struggle to pull myself out of bed at 5.13am to get ready for an early class, then rush to work for a shower, on my days off I am 100% a morning person. I don't like sleeping past 8am, not that our puppy Enzo would let me.

It's currently Monday morning and I have already watched half a Harry Potter film (The Goblet of Fire) had my first cup of coffee for the day, searched for book blogs to follow, and fed/played with Enzo. I love making the most of my days off and getting all the things done to feel like I have my life together. Some days I wake up wanting to clean the whole house, and the next I'll have some good laptop time. I never regret getting up that hour earlier than everyone else to do what I want. There's plenty of perks to being an early bird like me.

And the BF if he gets up early enough. You know how those dreamy pics pop up on Instagram with the avocado toast and perfectly poached eggs? #yolkporn
A free morning means I have some creative time to make what my heart desires (and get a killer gram pic while I'm at it.) Even oats made on the stove and not in the microwave is heaven. A free morning will always mean you can eat properly and you don't have to rush.

You know what I'm talking about, right? The quiet traffic, pink sky, and birds singing as they wake up. It's honestly my favorite time of day. Nothing beats the peace of an early morn.

This is my Sunday/Monday morning priority. I have a couple of hours free to myself where I can blog, browse Pinterest, catch up on YouTube, walk the pup, or just enjoy a hot steamy shower. It's why I'm happy to get up at 7am on my days off, because I can take the time to unwind and get my mind right.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen a purple/pink sky from a window at work and it's put a smile on my face. Or I've walked out of CrossFit at 6.30am to find the most beautiful sunrise yet. It makes early mornings so worth it when mother nature puts on a show.

I can never feel like my day is right if I've slept in too late. But when I'm up early and have a day's plan in my head, I can feel oh so motivated. Even if I can just catch up on a Netflix show or read some blogs, I feel good about my morning.

Are you an early bird like me? Or do you like to leave me-time to late at night?
Steph x. 


  1. I'm always up early too, getting to make myself a proper breakfast and take my time with it is defo one of my fav perks! Apparently people who get up early are more likely to be successful because you're up ahead and have that extra time to get things done! 💖

  2. I always feel like I've done so much more when I wake up early. I do struggle to get out of bed thought!!

  3. We are most definitely like you Steph! Even on our days off we are often up at 6. Sometimes it's just nice to know we can laze in bed for our morning catch up, before we make our coffee and get writing done. We don't think we've actually had a lie in past 7:30 for years! Mornings are our favourite! :)

    Lucy and Kelly xx

  4. Being a morning person is my secret dream. I've loved the stillness and the sense of possibility on those mornings I've woken up early enough to be in work an hour before I'm supposed to be, and I feel as though I'd be able to get so much done in those quiet hours! I just don't seem to be wired that way, though :(

    Lis / last year's girl x

  5. I love early wake ups when I know I don't have to go to work, because then I feel like I've just got all day to do 'stuff'. It's not so easy when that alarm is blaring for work though haha!