Puppy Essentials I'm So Glad We Bought

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

I'm just gonna say it, puppy life is great. I can't tell you how much a adore Enzo and look forward to coming home and hugging his little face everyday. Yes he steals my shoes and jumps up for food, but I can never go mad with those puppy-dog eyes just staring up at me.

He has almost been with us two months now and it has really flown by. To say that we have learned a lot is an understatement. Everyone will tell you different things about getting a puppy, and you don't have to listen to them. Every puppy is different and there's a lot of fun in that. We have been incredibly lucky so far and Enzo has been the perfect start to our little family. There's a few essential items that we have personally found amazing and work for us. I don't think we would have had such luck without them.

Controversial among dog owners, I know, but here's where we stand. It's been an actual life-saver. 
Steve's sister gave us her old one she had for her Rottweiler, so built for a big dog. And it's been Enzo's little cave of safety since the beginning. He has learnt to go to sleep by himself, kept him safe for a few hours while we are at work, and he even goes in it by himself at night when he's tired sometimes. Totally not cruel, just a bit of structure that's good for puppies. 

 Oh how handsome he looked in his little harness for the first time! Obviously he will grow out and into a new one in no time, but getting puppies used to wearing a harness for walking later on is a damn good idea. When I'm in the car with Enzo and he's at risk of being restless, I have him strapped to the seat (with wiggle room, don't worry) with his harness and leash on. It works perfectly! He's safe and has been used to wearing one since we first got him. 

Carrying on from above, when he was small and in the car I would also have him in his plastic bed that's full of comfy blankets. Just a bit more security for you and him, plus it makes it easier to carry him. It cost me $5 from the charity shop and he knows what's going on when it comes out now. 

Of different textures, some to throw, some to cuddle. Unfortunately it means there's normally toys littered all through the house now, but it keeps a teething puppy from chewing on furniture. Or stealing our socks and leaving them outside...

For good behavior, something to chew on for a while, or just plain old bribery, have a good stash at the ready. Enzo will chew on a rawhide stick for at least half an hour, so it's great for when you want a little quiet in the house. I also give him veggies (carrots/capsicum sticks) for a bit of variety and to help with teething.

Maybe one of the most important on the list. I spent the week after we got Enzo home with him and it made such a difference for both of us. He got used to his home, while I gained confidence in having him here. He is a total mamma's boy now, but that week off together felt so precious.

As a puppy update, Enzo has now had all the necessary shots and we celebrated with a trip to the beach. He absolutely loved it! 

What are some of your pet essentials? 
Steph x. 

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