Fitness Wishlist #2!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Apologies for the absence, don't worry I haven't gone anywhere. Lots of stuff has been going on personally lately, so I had zero motivation to be online. It was a healthy break that we all need sometimes. But as you can probably tell, I've been eyeing up some new gear for my fitness life. And oh boy did I find some good stuff!

One thing I have learned is that you can't let yourself get bored when it comes to fitness. 

With your routine, wardrobe, or what you take with you in a gym bag. 

You don't have to spend a fortune, but investing in gear that excites you and can help you up your game is always a good idea. Here are some of my favorite recent finds!

I'm not normally one for matching sets, but this is pretty cute. I would have to save it for epic training days or competitions. Plus the shorts look high-waisted, which is always a blessing! 

How can it not be a good lifting day with Captain America and Iron Man encouraging you? These could not be more "Steph" really. 

Rouge Fitness are like the foundation for all CrossFit events and are well-known for being the best quality. Lately they have been designing bars with athletes and this one may be my fav! It's for the 2017 champion Tia Claire Toomey and it's bloody beautiful. It's my favorite color and the arrow design is such a cool style. Perfection! 

One of the main reasons I've had my eye on these for a while is because I've seen one of my favorite CrossFit athletes wearing them. These look so damn comfy and durable. High-rep pull-ups are just so taxing on your hands and these babies would save me for sure. 

How cute is this? I love wearing headbands when I workout to keep any stray hairs off my face. And this is just too adorable. This Etsy store also has some running designs, so I may have to treat myself to a few soon. 

Yep, you know I want these in my life. Why have boring black knee sleeves when you can have these epic ones? Knee sleeves help so much with squats, lunges, wall balls etc. Plus they would keep my knees warm in winter!

Once again, an item that captures me perfectly. CrossFit has taught me to embrace my thighs and I love it. This would be perfect for a laid back lifting day or going for an afternoon hike. 

This Etsy shop has so many awesome tanks with slogans to suit everyone. Everything from boxing, running, cycling, and tacos. Deadlifts are one of my absolute favorite movements, so I would rock this one! 

Ben is probably one of the most respected coaches in the CrossFit community and has two 2-time champions under his belt. Whenever I see him talking in a documentary I'm in awe, because he is so good at getting athletes to have the right mind-set to accomplish anything. I've been wanting to read this for ages and will definitely pick this up soon. 

Would you not be the most stylish person in the gym wearing this? I am seriously in love. Plus this company makes the BEST post-workout drinks EVER. 

One of the best brands out there for training shoes and only a handful of people in New Zealand have gotten their hands on them. I've heard they are super-comfy and their lifters are unique because of the wooden soles. Not cheap, but how damn cool are they?

What do you guys think? I feel like there's a lot here to keep me motivated for the gym. I am seriously eyeing up those unicorn knee sleeves...

What's been on your fitness wishlist lately?
Running shoes, protein powder, or a new nike top?

Steph x. 


  1. I'm loving the deadlift tank top Steph! :) It's always nice to feel that extra bit motivated when you have a new pair of gym pants or tank to wear! Those unicorn sleeves and the weight lifting belt are awesome too! I've currently got Edddie Hall's book at the top of my TBR pile and ready to inspire me! :)

    Lucy xx

  2. Oh Eddie Hall's book would be so good! Let me know what you think :)