My Realistic 2017 Bucket List

Monday, 2 January 2017

Who doesn't love a good bucket-list, especially at the start of a new year! It's currently summer for us at the bottom of the world, which makes it the perfect time to get outside and have fun. I decided to put "Realistic" in the title because as much as I would love to tour the world and buy a dog, my budget for the year doesn't quite stretch that far. But it doesn't mean I can't plan some awesome activities closer to home and make the most of our trip to Hawaii in August. I'm pretty lucky to live in New Zealand where there are plenty of the opportunities for adventures. All of which will be documented on my blog of course!

Go on road trips

Try paddle-boarding in Hawaii

Eat at IHOP

Start an adventure fund

Have a Star Wars game night

Go on a zoo date

Finish a Spartan Race

Go skiing 

Take cute photo-booth pics 

Participate in the Mud Run 

Watch the sunrise at the beach

Go paint-balling 

Spend a day at hot pools

Start my own recipe book 

Start a memories album

Watch fireworks on Waikiki beach

Read 30 books

Have a Mexican food night with friends

Go rock-climbing

Go for a nature walk & take lots of pictures

Get my 10th tattoo

Go zip-lining 

I think these are definitely achievable! I might try ticking off a few each month and review my list throughout the year. I'm really looking forward to all the fun memories coming in the next twelve months.
What's on your 2017 bucket-list? 
Steph x.


  1. Ooh, can I come for Mexican night?! 😂 That sounds like a good one! My mom and I have been dying to go zip lining too so maybe I'll do that this year! And I am 100% getting another tattoo (or 2) this year. There is so much to do in my state that I want to cross off my list so I'm hoping to do a lot of those! And I do want to go to Disney World, so fingers crossed!

    1. You can definitely come! Zip-lining is so fun :D I'm so excited to see what tattoo(s) you might get!! Keep me posted on that one. Let's both aim to do 2-3 things on our list per month? It will make it a fun year :D
      Steph x.

    2. Let's do it!! It's a lofty goal but I'm in!

  2. These are great bucket list items! When you have a Star Wars game night, can I be invited! That's an awesome idea - I definitely want to have my own this year!


    1. Thanks Caitlin! Yes please come :D I'm so excited to finally break out Star Wars Monopoly!
      Steph x.

  3. ALl of these sound perfect - and easy to do throughout the year! Good luck doin all of them :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Aw thanks Tania :) Should make my year a fun one. Better make the most of summer!
      Steph x.