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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Tuesday, January 10th 2017

Back to 6am starts! With everyone on holiday, there have only been CrossFit classes at 9am and 5pm. I really enjoyed the 9am crew we had for the two weeks, made some new friends too! But it's back to normal times and getting these workouts done before breakfast. 

Not gonna lie, today's training was quite the challenge. We started with strength, which was:
5 Clean and Jerk 
5 EMOM  for 5 min (Every Minute On The Minute)
1 min rest
5 EMOM for 5 min 

I did 25kgs for the first five, then increased it to 29kg for the next five. My technique feels like it's getting better and I'm certainly getting a lot of practice lately. 

Next was one of the hardest metcons I've ever done, but in a good way:

(for time)
30 Back Squats
20 Hand-Stand Push Ups
30 Front Squats
20 Toes To Bar 
30 Over-Head Squats
20 Pull-Ups

I finished it in 16.08min, but I feel like I could have gone harder. The over-head squats were by far the hardest part. The movement feels really un-natural and they're so killer on your arms that everyone was just using the bars, no weights. The burn was real!

But a positive was that during the warm-up I managed quite a few double-unders! (skipping, with the rope passing twice in one jump.) Stubborn me wasn't going to try but my coach (bless him) made me do it anyway. With the help of the bf's Reebok rope I got the hang of them quite quickly. About time too!

Home to this sleeping beauty. He never gets up before 9am.

Just having a bowl of porridge for breakfast. No bananas in the house, but we did have raspberries and strawberries ready to use! I topped them with a little coconut sugar and energy seed mix. It was amazing!

Getting organized for then next few weeks! I'm really excited for some of the posts I'm going to be putting up.  

I had a big craving for eggs this morning and I needed something to tie me over before I go for a run. We didn't have any bread for me to make toad in the hole, but I had this packet of brown rice handy and it's worked even better! A healthy option that's packed full of protein and healthy carbs. I also added a little soy sauce and sweet chili for taste. So good!

Run time! It's a beautiful day, so I'm looking forward to being in the fresh air.

Time for lunch and I'm having my meal prep. I added some avocado for texture (and because I'm obsessed!) Topped with a little soy sauce and it's one great lunch bowl. 


Still trying to get more fruit in my day and this goes down so well after lunch. 

Feeling very motivated to write lately! I'm really enjoying keeping my blog about motivation and healthy lifestyle.

A cheeky after-noon snack is needed today. I think with the strength based workout this morning, plus a run, my body needs some extra nutrition. I never feel guilty for eating a few extra calories than I should, especially when it's what I need to fuel myself. 

I'm taking my dinner to work tonight and I'm so excited to dig in. It's a lentil salad with roast vegetables and grilled halloumi.There's a nice chili hit in there too!

I'm helping Steve with his meal prep tonight. I love cooking, so I'm happy to do it! Option one is pork meatballs and vegetables (rice to be added later.) And option two is chili chicken with roasted sweet potato and broccoli. For a vegetarian, I've gotten quite good at baking chicken until it's cooked and juicy.

I also munched on some popcorn while I cooked. Sweet and salty is my new favorite flavor.

 How are you staying motivated in 2017?
Steph x. 


  1. I need to try some of your meal prep recipes, it all looks amazing! :) I miss Halloumi, I need to visit whole foods and see if they still have it there! :) Awesome post Steph! Your crossfit workouts always look fun! :)
    Lucy xx


    1. Thanks Lucy! I've been trying to mix up my food more and keep it clean. Plus being summer there's so many great fruits in season :D I hope you are feeling better!
      Steph x.