Top Coffee Finds In Seattle!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

If there's one thing that I am picky about in life, it's my coffee. There's an art to getting the perfect cup and I've been lucky to find a barista who knows how to deliver on the best flat white I can get. It's always tricky to find proper barista coffee when we travel to the Sates. Some of their methods are very different to home and you can really taste the difference. I've learned to do my research before-hand to scope out the best cafes to go to for my coffee fix.

Obviously the one thing I was looking forward to most about visiting Seattle was finding great cafes and the perfect coffee. Turns out that it's a little harder than I thought, unless you're a fan of Starbucks which you can find plenty of. But I did come across a few cafes that really delivered a great cup coffee that I can highly recommend if you ever get the chance to visit. All three of these are located in downtown Seattle and will help you get the most out of this city (and it's fame for coffee!)

Located right by the Pike Place Market and tucked away on the second floor, was my favorite coffee find of our trip. I started looking for great coffee shops on Instagram earlier in the year and Storyville was one of those. I wasn't disappointed either, because this place offers a cozy atmosphere and one great cup of coffee. The taste isn't overly bitter, yet you still get a strong flavor. Super smooth as well, which I loved. They also offer a great selection of food; I had a pretty amazing Asian salad that was full of dates and cashews. We also went back for an afternoon pick-me-up and got their GF chocolate cake that was pure heaven! I think the secret is their technique of soaking vanilla in bourbon prior to baking. They make all of their own food, including croissants. That's always something I appreciate in a cafe.

Their service is super quick and they make your drink right in front of you as you order. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful as well. Storyville is a brand that prides itself on delivering quality coffee and donating part of their profits to help stop human trafficking.
 I'm telling you, this is Seattle's best kept secret!  

It's a little tricky to find, so make sure you stick to the main entrance of Pike Place Market and look for signs on the opposite building as you walk down the street. It's also above the Crumpet shop!
It's worth it, trust me.

This cafe can be found in a really cool part of Seattle called the Arts District that's full of up and coming businesses. Victrola was another coffee shop that I discovered on Instagram and it was just a short walk from where we were staying. It has a really cool indie-vibe and has big windows so you can enjoy the afternoon sun. 
You can tell that they take pride in how they roast their coffee beans and what the resulting taste is. It's their aim to offer only the best espresso and to bring that quality to communities. Their roasting room is right there in store for you to watch and they even have tasting rooms at the back if you want to learn more about what they do. You can taste their passion in the coffee, which is beautiful and strong. It's a great cafe to sit back and chat with a friend or get some work done. Great coffee, great vibe. Highly recommend!

Fonte Coffee Roasters 


On our last day, we were on our usually coffee hunt when we came across this place. The cafe has a luxury-vibe to it and the option to dine-in or just enjoy a cup of coffee. They offer some great afternoon treats to go along with it as well. We devoured an almond croissant and doughnut with ours and they were both delicious. Fonte prides themselves on their European style coffee that is both rich and full of flavor. The cool part is that they offer four different espresso roast each day that are hand-roasted by a talented member of their team that has been in the coffee industry for thirty years. They definitely came across as a brand who know how to create and serve great espresso, and pride themselves on it.
You can find it opposite the Seattle Art Museum and a short walk from Pike Place Market.

Now you can skip the neighborhood Starbucks and enjoy an amazing brew by one of these cafes, made proudly by their talented baristas!

Do you enjoy trying new cafes too?
Steph x. 


  1. These coffee shops look so nice. Storyville coffee looks really interesting and quirky x

  2. These coffee shops look so cute Steph! :) Love your pictures, it's so exciting seeing your adventures! :) We need a coffee shop date one day! xx

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