Blog Posts I Love Reading!

Friday, 23 September 2016

Last year I wrote about Blog Posts I Will Always Read, and it got a really great response! It's awesome seeing what other bloggers love reading and it gives me a better idea on what kind of content I should make more of. 
Just like my little blog, my taste and interest in different blog posts has evolved over the year and a half (ish) that I've been in this great community. Lately I've been trying to read more blogs and I've found some amazing new bloggers to follow. I've put together a list of topics that have been catching my eye lately and ones that I just adore reading!

Tattoo Showcases

If you know me, you know that I am tattoo obsessed! Everything about them interests me, and I love it when bloggers share pictures and their experiences of getting them. Some of them are complete works of art and deserve to be admired. I definitely want to put up a post soon sharing the tattoos that I have and advice on getting your first one.

Fitness Journey

There is nothing more inspirational that reading about someone who is turning their life around. Whether they are just starting on a path to fitness or they have been on one for years, I love reading the passion that people have for improving themselves. It's something I can really relate to and it's awesome to send them some encouragement when they might need it. 

Favorite Cafes

This is a relatively new favorite type of post for me, but who doesn't love pictures of cute interiors, beautiful cakes, and the all important latte art? Even if I may never get the chance to visit some of these cafes, it's still a joy to read about someone's experience. It really makes me want to explore new cafes in my own city too!

Monthly Goals

These just give me the biggest hit of motivation and I freaking love it! The start of the month is such an awesome time to reflect on what you want to achieve. I can't ever resist reading through these posts when I see them pop up on my feed.

Disney Wishlist

I follow a few bloggers that do one of these posts a month and it's always magical! They're full of the cutest little collectables and usually a mug that I desperately need to add to my collection. 
Disney + Wishlist = Perfection! 

10 thoughts we all have when...

Those posts that make you wanna shout "Thank goodness I'm not the only one!" I recently read one about thoughts at the gym, and every single one was on point. It's great when you find posts that are completely honest and relatable. They can also be pretty hilarious to read! 

Positive thoughts 

You always want your readers to leave your blog feeling happy and that they gained something from reading it. Whether it's about what makes you happy, why you love something, or sharing a really uplifting experience, I'll read it! The internet needs this kind of positivity to be shared as often as possible.

So, those are some of my absolute favorite types of blog posts I have loved reading lately. The blogging world is only getting better and I can't wait to see what awesome ideas you guys have next!

What blog posts do you love to read most? 
Steph x.


  1. Monthly goals are such an interesting topic to me because it really makes me feel inspired :) x

  2. I actually really like seeing cafe posts too, and foodie posts! Love those types of posts except they always make me hungry...

  3. I love all of these, but yes definitely to tattoo and fitness posts! I love fitness especially because I just find them really inspiring.

  4. I do love monthly goals also

  5. Great post - I am all for motivational posts!!

    Rachael xox

  6. I like tattoo posts too!! I don't have any myself, but I just like being nosey and seeing how creative people are, as well finding out the meanings behind them :P

    Alice //

  7. Ooh I love reading cafe posts as well! It's kind of like experiencing the cafe vicariously though the blog post? I don't think I've ever made a monthly goals post myself, but I love reading them and always feel super motivated by them!