Why I Choose Clean Eating & Tips for Starting!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Choosing a healthy way of eating that works best for you is equally as important as joining a gym, if not more, when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. My own food philosophy has evolved a lot over these past couple years and eating clean has been the most significant part of that. I have honestly never felt better than how I do now with my eating habits, obviously bad days happen and I need a treat or two, but I never feel guilty anymore. As a disclaimer, these are my own personal views that are meant to help others understand eating clean better. I know it's not a lifestyle that suits everyone, but it's a topic that I feel very passionate about. And always talk to a doctor or nutritionist before making any big changes.

So, what is clean eating?  
Just think of the freshest food possible that is pure and nutritious for you. There's no baddies like artificial sugars or preservatives going into what you eat and doing damage to your body. Eating clean means focusing on wholesome food that only relies on natural ingredients to give you flavor and nutrition. It's fueling yourself with nature's best!

So, how did I get into this clean eating lifestyle? Well, one Saturday morning after a run about three years ago now, my Mum and I thought we would try a new cafe that she read about in a magazine. We found so many healthy choices that tasted incredible, not to mention the best coffee I've ever had in my life! Pure Cafe Co. introduced us to a philosophy and lifestyle that we would grow to love and practice everyday. Every single time we left after eating breakfast there, my whole body felt so unbelievably clean and happy. I become obsessed with feeling this way and haven't looked back since!

Start Small With Replacements

If you're just starting to eat cleaner, don't feel pressured to be like the foodie Instagrammers with their salad bowls and smoothies that are works of art in a jar. The best way to start is to make a few simple replacements into your routine and go from there. Your everyday breakfast is a great place to begin; swap your old cereal for eggs on wholegrain toast, or load up some porridge with yummy toppings. For dinner, have brown rice instead of white with your meal. Start with small changes into your everyday diet and you'll be on your way!

Find what you love, and eat lots of it! 

There's all sorts of different healthy alternatives that you'll find associated with clean eating. So many grains and flours to try out, as well as your usual fruits and vegetables. It can be a little overwhelming, so I find that it's great idea to build a list of staple ingredients that you've tried and enjoyed. For me, I can't live without oats, bananas, almond milk, buckwheat flour and whey protein. Having healthy options that you genuinely love will help curve cravings for junk food and you'll barely notice how healthy you're eating! If you love quinoa, stock it in your cupboard every week. Get creative and try new recipes full of your favorite vegetables. Eat the good foods that you love and your body will reward you.

Grow your understanding of Nutrition 

This has been really important for me on my fitness journey and they're two lifestyle elements that have to work well together. By beginning to understand the basics of how protein, carbs, sugars, and fats work with (or against your body) can be a real eye-opener into how powerful food can be. Clean eating is all about nourishing your body and fueling yourself with foods that can heal you too. There's tonnes of great articles in health magazines that give you great advice on the benefits of particular foods. I truly believe that food can be the best medicine, and it's where I look to first if I ever become unwell. The further I get into my journey, the more curious I am to learn more about food science.

Stick to the purest forms of food

 This is pretty much the golden rule of a clean eating lifestyle, and it's also what makes your body feel amazing. Being smart about knowing what's going into your body will give you the best results. It's the processed foods with preservatives and an overload of sugar that causes you harm and leaves you with that bleh feeling. Try to avoid anything from packets or jars, and get creative in your kitchen instead! You'll feel the benefits of it pretty soon.

What you eat is one of the few things in life that you have complete control over. By eating clean foods, you'll get benefits from every point of your lifestyle: weight-loss, better mental health, more energy, and clearer skin. It's not as boring as you think, and you can still have some of the foods you love!

What do you think about the clean eating lifestyle? I'd love to know!

Steph x.


  1. I always want to live a clean lifestyle especially when it comes to food. I always start for about a month and then when things get stressful I always turn back to old habits which is so bad. I've started eating pretty healthy again though with a smoothie in the morning so hopefully I actually stick to it.
    Kathy x

  2. Love this post Steph! You explain everything so well! :) I seriously want to visit that café one day! :) Chris and I have definitely been having fun learning how to make things healthier and I adore making things from scratch and keeping ingredients a lot more simple and natural. I love researching too and love finding new recipes! :) Awesome read! xxx


  3. 'Find what you love, and eat lots of it!' is such a good tip! I sometimes feel like I should always be on the lookout for new things to try, but if it ain't broke! :-)