Daily Blog: Finding Snow, Olympics & Suicide Squad!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Happy Saturday! 

Starting my weekend the best way possible: sleeping in and having breakfast in bed with YouTube playing! This is probably the most relaxing part of my week and I love it so much. 

Getting some blog posts written this morning. I had total writer's block yesterday, so I'm happy that my head feels a bit clearer today. 
I'm also in the middle of organizing my bullet journal for my holiday in two weeks. I've drawn out a monthly planner, blog post ideas, wishlist, and now I'm working on my Disneyland Bucketlist. I've got a whole post on it coming for you very soon! 

Time for our Saturday morning run! The weather is very sketchy today, so I'm taking my waterproof jacket with me. 

Everyone in Christchurch has been talking about getting a snow storm through, but sadly we haven't had much. I love snow! These little patches are the only signs of it that we could find. Was still kinda cool. 

Finally time for food! My legs struggled a bit running today and the thought of food sometimes gets me through. Of course I got a protein ball, and a quinoa fritter with salad. It was all so good! 

The weather is so crazy today! It's very typical of NZ, it changes every few minutes.

Mum and I stopped by one of our favorite sports stores, because it wouldn't be a weekend without visiting one. She wanted to pick up some tape and rehab balm and I managed to get the resistance band I've been wanting on sale! I'm taking it on holiday with me for morning workouts and to keep up my strength training. I've been working so hard on it and lately and I don't want to lose it!

Currently watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics! I love doing this every year with my family and to make sure I cheer on the New Zealand team.

Time for some food before I go off to work. It's leftover buckwheat and ricotta gnocchi from dinner last night with a bit of fennel salad.

Back home from a night at work and it's time for my sanity meal of the week! We always get Fish & Chips on a Saturday and I feel like it helps me keep a good relationship with food. Treats are okay every once in a while and it makes working hard on my training all week so worth it.
And of course it wouldn't be Saturday night without binging on a few episodes of Chuck!

Off to see Suicide Squad now!!

OMG you guys I loved the movie! I thought it was so good, the characters (apart from the Joker...) were hilarious and had such great depth to them. I mean, you can't go wrong with Will Smith.
It definitely lived up to my expectations and is the best DC movie I've seen since the Dark Knight trilogy. Deadshot and Harley Quinn just carried the whole movie, it was awesome.

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

Steph x.

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