Changing Up My Look Optically!*

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Wearing glasses is a big part of my personal style and I don't feel like myself without them.
It's so much so that it's a big reason I don't wear contacts.

I have always enjoyed the process of picking out my new frames and I love being a little brave with it. I've had red frames before, as well as purple ones. And I have been rocking my "Superman" frames that have a pop of blue on the inside for nearly two year now.

As someone who has VERY poor eyesight, it's important to me that I have glasses I really enjoy wearing. They're pretty much stuck to my face from the second I get out of bed, to when I hop back in at night.

The only thing that usually holds me back from a trip to the optometrist for new frames is the price tag that comes with it. It can be hard to justify $500 when that holiday in the sun is on top of your priority list. But thankfully there is a solution!

When the awesome people from Optically contacted me, I got really excited.
After browsing their glasses online, I fell in love with so many gorgeous pairs. And with 3000 pairs to look through, it's no wonder why! I couldn't help but buy a pair called "Rouge" that I had my eyes on from the start (see what I did there?)
They're not what I would usually be brave enough to try, but at such a good price ($35 including prescription and shipping!!) I decided to just go for it. They also add in free scratch resistant coating, which is really reassuring for someone as clumsy as me.

They arrived only three working days later, which is super-quick in my experience with prescription glasses. It was such an awesome surprise! It's so fun getting your new glasses and this time was no different. There's always that first glance in the mirror after you try them on. I wasn't disappointed and loved showing my family these beautiful frames. The prescription was spot on too, top quality.

I've been really impressed with Optically, especially with their range of frames available. There's so many styles to choose from, and with designer glasses like Gucci and Marc Jacobs at way lower prices than I see in stores, you can afford to try any style. They even make prescription sunglasses, which is something I will be investing in before summer comes around. I always see some many cute pairs when I'm out and about, but they're useless to blind old me! But now I can try aviators or these gorgeous Fendi ones. I'm gonna have a lot of fun picking one (or two, or three) new shades soon.

It's going to be really great to change up my frames everyday to suit my mood and what I'm wearing. My glasses can be my best accessory and I'm happy that I've found an easy/affordable website to get them from. Never underestimate how great you feel while rocking great glasses! I'm gonna be changing up my look a lot more regularly now.

Make sure you check out their website, especially if you're from New Zealand or Australia, to check out their great deals and selection. Or even just to find some ideas of what frames you might like to try. They really do have something to suit everyone.

Do you wear glasses? How do you have fun with it?
Steph x.

*This post was sponsored by Optically. All opinions and images are my own.


  1. I usually just go to specsavers for new glasses and getting new glasses isn't exactly something that happens very often. The ones you picked out look so nice and it would be so nice to change them around on a day to day basis!
    Kathy x

    1. Specsavers is usually my go-to as well. But it's always fun trying something new! Thanks so much, I'm loving them :)
      Steph x.

  2. Wow I love the frames that you decided on, they suit you so much! I bought myself some new glasses at the start of the year and I forgot how hard and daunting it can be to buy new frames! :P