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Sunday, 26 July 2015

I came across a lovely blog the other day (I'm sorry, I can't find the link anywhere!) and got inspired by what she was writing about. I'm not sure if this was the intended meaning but I am now starting a weekly series called "10 Things" where I write the top things that happened to me/I discovered and it made me happy, so I want to share it with you guys!

I'm a big believer in there being something good in everyday, even if it's just something small, like having a great cup of coffee. And far too often I respond to "What did you get up to this week?" with "Nothing much, just the usual." When the truth is I have had some pretty cool things happen, I've just forgotten to stop and appreciate them. Do you ever do this too?

So, Without further a-do, here's my 
10 Things for the past week:

1. The savior that is Powerade. Thank you for the immediate headache relief after I had contracted a cold. Made my work day possible!

2. Discovering Shaaanxo vlogs. As well as being a fellow Kiwi, Shannon has the most awesome attitude and I love her "Follow me" vlogs. Go check her out here!

3. Demi Lovato's new single "Cool for the Summer." The perfect mix of pop and techno for fun car sing-a-longs on the way to work.

4. The little things. You have no idea how much I looked forward to my first day off where I got to sit in bed with my porridge, a cup of coffee and watched vlogs on YouTube. Don't ever forget to appreciate those peaceful moments!

5. Healthy treats from Pure Cafe co. Pumpkin pie, almond yoyo's, and raw chocolate cheesecake. Oh bliss! Have a look at their Instagram

6. Second Scorch Trials trailer released. I can't explain how excited I am for this movie! The Maze Runner sequel is going to be epic. Watch it here.

7. Has book depository gotten quicker on delivery? The book I plan to read on holiday arrived way earlier than expected. Thanks guys! Wait, now I have to resist reading it for two weeks...

8. Revlon "Wild Card" #440 Gel Envy Nail Varnish. Electric blue, and it stays on (well, most of it) while I work. The color just makes me so happy!

9. Discovering new blogs to follow on Twitter. I never knew how great it was for this! Leave your twitter below and I will come say hi!

10. Tears of joy over Princess Emilia. I had some serious tears in my eyes when I watched one of the latest Sacconejoly vlogs. They went to Disneyland. She got to be transformed into a princess. It was just precious. Enjoy the sweetness here!

 I encourage you to write down 10 things that happened to you this week that made it great. I bet you had a better week than you thought!  

Let me know in the comments what's on your list this week. 
'Til next time x. 

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